General computer, networking and web services are all a part of the service offering.

Existing customers have found Google Apps for business, set up by Adelaide Tech, provides a solid email service for their small business.

More recently I've set up Office 365 which offers similar features to Google Apps using Outlook which is familiar for some moving from a corporate environment to their own consultancy.

Other projects have included troubleshooting ADSL congestion issues and installing a managed switch to improve network performance.

Naturally, general queries about computer and mobile issues are also common.

I am primarily focussed on the needs of small businesses. I specialise in IT strategies that keep costs low at the early stages of your business but also provide a good foundation for future growth.

In addition to this there are some specialised services I can offer that may be useful for small and large businesses alike.

Jesse Bugden MBA
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ABN 29 385 811 040